Mortgage life insurance policy is a type of life insurance that allows one to pay off their outstanding mortgage balance in the event of their death. By having this financial backing, they can ensure that their dependents won’t be indebted with the burden of a mortgage, securing their family’s future.

The layout for a mortgage insurance plan can vary, depending on different parties. However, the policies typically provide coverage for 15 to 30 years to the relevant recipients. The death benefits your dependents may get are usually structured in of the following ways:

  • Level: As per this, the death benefits remain unchanged over the years for as long as the policy is applicable. For individuals who have an interest-only mortgage, this is the most preferred option as it keeps the payment amount constant in the entire duration.
  • Decreasing: According to this method, the beneficiaries receive a set amount of death benefits in the first few years of insurance coverage. However, over the course of the policy, these then decrease at a certain rate in an attempt to encourage quicker mortgage payments.
  • Mortgage Principal: In some insurance policies, the outstanding mortgage principle is directly linked to the death benefits provided. In some ways, this acts similar to the decreasing policy. However, this also depends on how quickly you’re able to pay off the mortgage sum. In case the payment is done slower or faster than the expected rate, the insurance policy may be altered.

Pay Off Your Mortgage

In a mortgage life insurance policy, it’s the mortgage lender who’s the beneficiary. The coverage is provided to your lender, enabling them to be paid back the balance they’re owed. Your family needn’t be involved with any of the proceeds, and can live securely!

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