What is Term Life Insurance?

As one of the most straightforward life insurance policies available, term life insurance provides coverage to the family of the deceased for a set period of time. Designed specifically to protect your dependents from sudden and severe financial constraints, the policy offers premiums up to a span of previously decided years. These can range from 10 to 30 years, although the timeframe may vary from package to package.

Term life insurance is also known as pure life insurance because of its capacity to protect financially dependent individuals and beneficiaries in case of premature death. The premiums are paid to the legal recipients on either a monthly or annual basis, helping them remain financially stable. Compared to the permanent coverage provided during the course of the pre-decided “term”, the initial amount is slightly lower. However, the package is also less costly than other forms of life insurance. Moreover, the shorter the specified term, the less expensive the overall cost.

So, why do you need wholesale term life insurance if it only lasts for a certain time period? Well, because by the time the insurance term ends, your beneficiaries may no longer be in need of financial protection. Term life insurance helps dependents uphold financial stability in the initial years, helping them manage major immediate expenses. It also prevents you from having to pay for an insurance policy that’d be unnecessary a few years down the road and makes your investment all the more effective.

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IFG Insurance Services provides cheap term life insurance to individuals, helping them find a viable solution for the loss of their family’s income. We assist in enabling your dependents to pay off their short-term debts and give them a steady coverage to help them live comfortably!

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    In our first meeting, we’ll get to know each other. We will talk about what your financial objectives are, and what it is that you’d like to accomplish with your financial plan. We will also share a little bit about our financial planning strategies and what we can do to help you achieve your goals.

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    In our next meeting, we will begin building your plan. We will cover Social Security, Pensions, 401k’s, and Medicare, as well as your lifestyle and other factors that can affect your retirement income. We will also discuss how to protect your financial future from unexpected expenses and life events.

    Proactive Management

    As life changes, so should your plans. We will meet with you on a regular basis to re-evaluate your financial plan and make adjustments as necessary. We will work hard to ensure that you are always on target to achieve all your financial goals and objectives.