What is Key Man Insurance?

If you’re running a business, then you definitely need key man insurance! This is a form of business insurance that provides coverage for a company’s most crucial employees, helping an organization remain on its feet after the unfortunate demise of its key executives.

For small businesses and startups, this coverage typically applies to the owner(s), founder(s), and one or two key employees. For larger organizations, the list can extend to a greater number of important figures and company heads who play an instrumental role in its operations and progress. These are individuals who’re vital to the company’s success, without whom the business may be unable to hold its own ground. If you have certain employees at your organization whose absence will negatively impact your company’s growth and result in a huge loss of income, then this business insurance policy is for you.

When you purchase a key man insurance policy for your business, your company is the beneficiary. If your key employee dies unexpectedly or is met with a disability that prevents them from continuing work, then your company will receive the insurance payoff. This helps in the company coping with and surviving the sudden loss of its key player, and using the insurance proceeds to remain financially grounded in these make-or-break circumstances. It also prevents the company from facing sudden and immediate bankruptcy.

Protect Your Business with the Right Insurance Policy

IFG Insurance Brokerage provides businesses with key person insurance to help them stay financially stable when tragedy strikes. By providing coverage to your key employees, we ensure that your company won’t crumble in case of unexpected death or disability, and will be able to succeed in the current economy. Make a smart choice for your business and sign up for our insurance policy!

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