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Coming out of a Crash: Why Car Insurance Is Important

There is just one state in the U.S. that doesn’t mandate car insurance—New Hampshire.

In spite of that, if you’re involved in a car accident in New Hampshire, you’re still responsible for damages up to $50,000 for liability and $25,000 for property damage. The other 49 states in the U.S. require drivers to carry a valid car insurance policy.

The primary reason? Liability. In the event of an accident, who’s responsible for damages?

Car Loans & Insurance

As of 2017, almost 44% of adults in America had car loans. Getting into an accident would mean a setback on your loan repayment plan as well. You barely manage to pay off your loans monthly; imagine having to pay for fixing your car after a crash too.

According to the state law, the culprit has to pay off the damage in a road accident; which means you will also have to pay for the victim’s car and associated medical expenses. The bank isn’t going to loan you again to pay for the crash expenses; you’re already in debt to them. This will also mean that you fall behind in loan repayment, running into a cycle of debt.

Don’t expect others to have sufficient Insurance

When a driver who is underinsured is the culprit in a crash, the sufficiently insured driver and their insurance company will have to pay off the damage.

Another interesting fact: 1 in 8 drivers are driving around an uninsured vehicle. The at-fault driver’s insurance company is required to pay off damages of the car crash.

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Assume the worst from a Car Crash

While buying a vehicle, you should always consider the possibility of getting into an accident. An accident also means that you will have medical expenses, no matter how minor. A trip to the hospital can cost more than your monthly insurance premiums or, in absolute worst-case scenarios, more than the car itself.

Having car insurance will protect you by recovering damages on your car as well as your medical expenses.

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