Compared to other insurance policies, Final Expense Insurance is simple to understand and easy to qualify for. These policies typically offer between $5,000 and $20,000 and don’t require any sort of medical examination. The sole purpose of a Final Expense Insurance policy is to relieve your loved ones from the burden of arranging a costly funeral for you. There isn’t a criterion as such that prevents people from obtaining a Final Expense Insurance policy. As long as they make the payments, everyone can qualify for Final Expense Insurance.

Final Expense Insurance is essentially a form of basic life insurance. The money your family receives from the policy doesn’t have to be used for your funeral; it can be used for anything they want. What makes Final Expense Insurance different to life insurance policies is that it’s affordable and a lot easier to obtain.

Unlike life insurance, Final Expense Insurance is also offered to people who’re too old to qualify for standard life insurance. Elderly individuals of 85 years of age can qualify for Final Expense Insurance easily provided that they don’t have medical problems.

If you’re financially sound, you should consider getting Final Expense Insurance.

Benefits of Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense Insurance is perfect for those who can’t afford to pay the high premiums of standard life insurance policies and don’t want to financially burden their families after they pass.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive from Final Expense Insurance:

  • Low monthly premiums
  • Coverage from $2,500 to $35,000
  • The ability to apply at the age of 85 years and qualify
  • The ability to apply and qualify even after being diagnosed with a health condition
  • The premiums are constant
  • Policy will accumulate a cash value

People don’t usually know how much a funeral can cost.

It’s very common for people to be hit with unexpected costs when their loved ones pass.

The funeral itself along with the accommodation expenses may cost thousands of dollars.

Relieve your family of the financial strain that comes with a funeral and speak to our staff to sign-up for Final Expense Insurance.

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