house mortgage and debt

3 Biggest Mortgage Mistakes to Avoid

Americans owed $8.8 trillion in mortgage debt in 2018. However, according to experts, the mortgaged debt has been declining since 2013 which has helped recover the housing market after a constant decline of five years.

alcohol addicted person

Alcohol & Life Insurance

In addition to age, gender, smoking habits and health increasing your life insurance premium, alcohol consumption can also have a drastic effect at your insurance policy.

Retirement Plan

Prepare for the Unexpected and Inevitable: A Guide to Retirement Planning

Thinking about a retirement plan is stressful. Often, the procedure is difficult to understand. We’ve broken down the basic dos and don’ts for you below. What amount should you have saved before retiring? The projections of savings once you retire is based on: your estimated expenses post-retirement, how much will you be receiving as pension and Social Security benefits, what …

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Is Term Life Insurance Worth It?

Term life insurance refers to a form of life insurance where the family of the deceased receives monetary compensation for a set period of years that has been previously agreed upon.

estate and savings

Protect Your Assets: Estate Planning 101

While estate planning may sound like a fancy term, it’s not only for the rich and wealthy. In fact, the meaning of the word “estate” might not be what you think it is at all.