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Life Insurance for Singles: 4 Scenarios Where It Makes Sense

The conversation around life insurance tends to center around families and their financial futures—not single people. And because singles are conspicuously absent in the hundreds of blogs about life insurance, it can lead them to believe they don’t need it. This is not the case.

Common Life Insurance Mistakes

Common Life Insurance Mistakes

Many people find life insurance to be complex and intimidating. while this is totally understandable, the importance of life insurance is immense to protect your loved ones from the financial barriers.

house mortgage and debt

3 Biggest Mortgage Mistakes to Avoid

Americans owed $8.8 trillion in mortgage debt in 2018. However, according to experts, the mortgaged debt has been declining since 2013 which has helped recover the housing market after a constant decline of five years.

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Alcohol & Life Insurance

In addition to age, gender, smoking habits and health increasing your life insurance premium, alcohol consumption can also have a drastic effect at your insurance policy.